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Why Every Graduate Should Take a Gap Year

Gap Year Graduate Travel

Taking a gap year has almost become a rite of passage, with more and more graduates choosing to explore the world and find themselves after graduating for an extended period of time rather than choosing to return to school or join the workforce.

The increased number of gap year travellers is probably for a reason: because it works. Gap years change a person for the better by helping them become more independent, more worldly and most of all, more confident in themselves.  


In North America gap years are becoming more common, but in some countries such as Australia and Great Britain, they already are the norm, with a majority of graduates choosing to take time off before continuing their studies or working. No matter if you are graduating from high school or university, taking a gap year is an ideal opportunity to get to know yourself.

Gaining Independence

Independence is an important factor in all aspects of life, and can easily be learned on a gap year. Travelling will put you in difficult situations that will force you to be confident and innovative, and these situations and your solutions for them will help you become more resourceful later in life. Whether it is at the workplace, at school or even in your social life, having a sense of independence is crucial for success, and a gap year is the ideal way to learn this self reliance.

When you are travelling you have only yourself to rely on in order to stay out of harm’s way, as well as to guide you through life in a foreign country, and these learned traits will not leave after your gap year is over, but rather manifest themselves in other ways.  


Before taking a gap year, many students feel as if they have left much of the world unexplored. Travelling changes this, and as you travel you will experience a plethora of new ways of living, and some of these will influence your own living style.

After taking a gap year you will compare your home country with others and think, “Wow, Australia (for example) does this way better than home”, and then adopt the better method. This worldliness will assist you in bettering your living style, as well as becoming more efficient in the workplace and in your social life as you encounter more and more new traditions worldwide.

Similar to the sense of independence you will gain on your gap year, you will also gain a huge amount of self confidence. After going through hundreds of tough situations on your gap year, you will easily be more assured with the decisions you make for yourself. No second guessing here!

Overall, gaining independence, international experience and self assurance are three of the many reasons why you should take a gap year after graduating! Safe travels and enjoy your future filled with crazy, wonderful experiences!

A travel blog post by Eva. I'm a Polish born traveler, travel photographer, writer and runner living in Montreal Canada. In the 10-plus years that I've been travelling, living and exploring various travel destinations, I've explored much of the America’s, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.

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